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What to Include on your Wedding Info Cards and Maps - Everything you Need to Know.

So, you've been thinking about your wedding invitations and how to word them, but it's highly likely you also need to convey some extra information to your guests such as the ins and outs of the day and all the little snippets of information that they need to know so everything runs smoothly and everyone knows what's happening and where. It's pretty much impossible to fit those all important extra details on your wedding invites without them feeling cluttered, so that's where info and map cards come in handy. 

You get to impart all the relevant information about your wedding details to your guests on one insert card which means you won't get guests ringing you or your bridal party up and asking for the same information over and over when you are probably already busy with other details. All the designs in our collection have a matching info card and we can even design personalised hand drawn maps with illustrations of your venue, church and other landmarks to go on one side of the info cards. The maps don't just serve the purpose of letting your guests know how to find your wedding locations, they also add a certain amount of pretty to your invitation suite and further personalise your wedding stationery setting the scene for your big day. We can also later add your venue/church illustration from your map to your order of services, table plan or menus at no extra cost which can be a lovely touch.

So what are the finer details that could be included on your info cards? We'll help you get it covered with the following list of the main things to include:

Include the address and directions to the wedding venue for both the ceremony and the reception if being held at different venues.

What are the options - are you providing transport? Include numbers for local taxi firms and walking directions if appropriate.

If parking is going to be tricky, make sure you let your guests know the best arrangements so they can make plans without getting stuck in a field.

For those guests that aren't local to your wedding venue, include a concise list of accommodation options (hotels, guest houses, B&B's) and if you've pre-arranged a number of rooms for your guests, let them know. You can often arrange a deal for guests who book a room with your preferred hotel, and let your guests in on a secret discount code that the hotel have shared with you. 

If you have one, include your gift registry details, or would you like your guests to contribute to your honeymoon or do you want to express that gifts are not necessary? Here's the chance to do that.

Dress Code:
Are you hosting a glamorous black tie affair or a more relaxed secret garden wedding, now's your chance to set the tone for the dress code.

Maybe the venue isn't child friendly or guest's children are very much welcome. Be specific so guests can plan child care arrangements ahead.

In other words, what time guests need to leave the venue!

Further Details:
Are your celebrations continuing on for the weekend, or perhaps you're meeting for breakfast the next day, remember to include your itinerary for this. 

'On the Day':
Any helpful 'on the day' hints for your guests, like the venue doesn't allow confetti, or it's a cash only bar, or you'll need your wellies or lawn friendly footwear.

Including a map is especially useful for guests traveling from out of town or if you're holding the reception at a different venue to the ceremony. A peronalised map with hand drawn illustrations, which is our specialty, can show extra location details and sentimental elements important to the bride and groom, like special landmarks and places of interest. These really do add a special touch.

Visit our website to see the full range of wedding stationery items available. We can customise the colourways to suit your palette, for no extra cost. Hollyhock Lane maps and info cards are printed on to luxury environmentally FSC approved paper and you can choose from a combination of single or double sided text and map options. And by the way, you can always ask our advise when you place your order or even phone us up to chat things over, and we'll be happy to walk you through any tricky bits.