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When should you send out your save the dates and invitations?

You can send out ‘Save the Date’ cards any time in the year leading up to your wedding but a year in advance can be helpful to ensure guests have it in the diary well in advance. Traditionally, a couple would send their invites out 6-8 weeks before their wedding, but I think it's a good idea to send out your main invitations at least 12 weeks before the big day as people can be very booked up (bear in mind school holidays are busy times for guests so the longer notice you give the better).

How many invitations do I need for 100 guests?

When you’re deciding how many invites you need to order, it’s worth checking your guest list first, although a lazy rule of thumb is 70% of your total guest number, as many guests share the same addresses such as families and couples. You will also want some spares for mistakes and some for last minute guests, in case you have spaces come available due to cancellations.

I need more than 120 invitations but your website only goes up to 120. Can I order 150 invitaitons?

Yes, If you need more than 120 items, that’s fine. Prices are the same per item as per 120 items, multiplied by how many you need. Order 120 via the order form and then add a note stating clearly how many you actually need and I'll be in touch with an updated invoice.

I only want 10 invitations but that's not option on your website. Can I order 10 rather than 25 please?

No, sorry. My minimum order is 25 as I get all my stationery professionally printed. It's just not cost effective for me to print any less than 25.

My dad is a printer. Would you consider designing my stationery and giving me the .pdf files rather than the printed product so he can print them at cost price?

Hmm, this is a tricky one. I totally get where you're coming from, but I also need to ensure the integrity and consistent quality of my product as my stationery does carry Hollyhock Lane's name on it, so NO, not really. I have a great deal with my printers, and this is reflected in the cost price which is passed on to you. IF, however you are ordering from overseas I may well consider doing a deal with you, as it does seem pretty bonkers to send something heavy overseas that could be done locally and save a few air and land miles. I would just need to check which paper stock and printing equipment you are using first.

Do I have to order all the matching stationery for my chosen 'ready to print' design?

Of course you don't! Feel free to pick and choose a few items or even just the ‘Invites’ or ‘Save the Dates’ on their own.

I know the wording for my invitations but I have no idea what we are going to be eating as I haven't finalised those details yet. Do I need to order everything in one go?

Feel free to place an order for you invitations now, and your 'on the day' items later. You may know the wording for your invites and reply slips, but not for your menus and table plans until closer to the big day. No problem. I'm happy to do the job in two stages.

I want to get some 'Order of Service' covers in my chosen 'ready to print' design, but I can't see them on the website. Does that mean you don't do them?

No, it just means I haven't designed them YET! I am always busy (juggling a two year old too), so sometimes I don't have time to design items that are in less demand. But, if you want it, drop me an email via my contact form and I may well consider designing it especially for you in keeping with the 'ready to print' costs.

I love the design, BUT it's not my colours. Can I change them to suit our colour scheme?

Yes. Simply tick the box to change a colour and describe what bit of the design you'd like to change and what colour you'd like to change it to. I will then review your order before contacting you to confirm if this is possible. Generally, the whole design is fairly editable, but there may be some hand drawn elements that may not be possible to change.

I just need to add some gold somewhere. Is that possible?

If you have a burning desire to change the paper stock or use special ink finishes such as neon colours and metaiic foiling, then drop me a note in your order form or via the main contact form, and I’ll give you a quote.

Do you ship internationally?

At the moment I only ship to the USA and Europe. This is because I want to ensure my deliveries can be signed for on arrival, and this is currently not possible for many worldwide destinations.

My work doesn't let me accept deliveries and no one is home during work hours. How will I be able to sign for your package?

I can also do a Saturday delivery service if you prefer. This obviously might delay your turnaround time so please check first if you have ordered the express turnaround service. Do you have a fiance, family member or a friend who may be able to sign for your package on your behalf if you need your stationery in a hurry?

What if my products arrive damaged or faulty?

Please get in touch within 48 hours of signing for your package. I will ask you to return your products so I can check and verify the damage before reprinting your stationery.